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Having an estate plan can relieve stress to your loved ones who may have to probate your estate. Having a will, living will and power or attorney in place can make the estate issues much more simpler.

A properly drafted will can also reduce the cost and complications of probate. Sometimes, probate can be avoided altogether. I can help you achieve your estate planning goals at a reasonable cost. I believe in carefully considering your questions and tailoring your estate plan to your needs and wishes.

A properly drafted estate plan can prevent disputes from arising. It is important that your estate planning documents clearly express your intentions. However, disputes do arise. Probate litigation may be necessary to resolve them. I believe it is important to draft estate planning documents with the idea of avoiding litigation, but if you have been wronged, then I would be happy to discuss relief that may be available.

I also help with the administration of estates, such as probating the will, notifying heirs, collecting and distributing assets, and filing inheritance tax returns.


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